Payment Options

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Check (USD) payable to Leadership exCHANGE and mailed to:

Leadership exCHANGE

2310 Hales Road 

Raleigh, North Carolina, 27608 (USA) 

There is no fee associated with this method.


PayPal or Credit Card: you may use a credit card, e-check or your PayPal account.

Go to, type in the amount, and send Leadership exCHANGE your payment.   

***Remember to add PayPal Transaction fee:

  • Add  2% to the 'amount' if sending within the US
  • Add 3% to the 'amount' if sending outside the US
  • Add the name of the participant and the program location in the 'notes'

 We will receive an instant message when the payment is processed.   **Please note that Pay Pal charges a service charge.  Participants are responsible for the Pay Pal service fee of 2% if paying within the United States and 3% if making a payment outside the United States.   Simply add this amount to the payment made: for example if the amount is 100 USD, you will put 102 USD in the “amount” or 103 USD if making a payment from outside the United States.

Bank Wire Information Leadership exCHANGE

Special Instructions:

·      Please note participants are responsible for any outgoing or incoming wire fees(current incoming wire fee are normally 16 USD). You will need to add those amounts to the wire.  

·      Also please make sure the participant’s name and program are included in the notations/further instructions portion of the wire.

·      Scan copy of confirmation and send to with the following subject line: Payment (student name) (program)




Do you have a Wells Fargo account or a Wells Fargo branch in your city? If so, you can directly deposit funds into our account (there is normally no fee to you, but check with your bank to verify). 

****Important: for on-line payments directly from your Wells Fargo to our Wells Fargo account please make sure you enter your name and program in the "notes/subject" line.  Also please email us this information so we can properly credit your payment.

If you are making a deposit directly to a Wells Fargo branch in person, you must email us the date, amount, your name and program so we can properly credit the payment.

For direct to bank payments (NOT bank wires), use the following information: Leadership exCHANGE Account: 8649763235

Western Union

Address to:  

Heather McDougall

2310 Hales Road
(City) Raleigh, (State) North Carolina (Zip) 27608 (country) USA

*Email confirmation number to

Heather McDougall: