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Dates: TBD 

Do you know a high caliber female student who should attend?  

Nominate her!

Pilot Program:  Nine Females from around the world between the ages of 18-32 who have taken at least one year of university or college courses. 

Price: $2450 Partial support available for Select Participants

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Leadership Development

·      Course: F2719 Women and Leadership (3 credits)

·      Leadership Workshops  

·     Guest speakers from Social Enterprises, Corporations and Government 

Entrepreneurship Development:

·      Course hosted at Citrix and HQ Raleigh

·      2-day Design Thinking workshop

·      Students matched with a mentors from Citrix, ThinkHouse, HQ Raleigh and leading universities

·      Workshops hosted by Citrix, ThinkHouse, companies at HQ Raleigh, and Blackstone

·      Tours of Triangle start-ups

·      E-clinic

Curriculum Highlights:

·      Different methodologies to work through issues start-up companies face

·      E-Clinic

·      Talent Pipeline of innovative women

·      Empower Citrix Brand


·      Build and strengthen the pipeline of women entrepreneurs

·      Increase the number of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

·      Develop the skills, framework and knowledge in entrepreneurship and new venture creation in order to acquire the knowledge and spirit for venturing

Build a strong peer group for female entrepreneurs.