Students Attending Australian Universities

Join the exceptional group of students from Australia who've joined the Leadership exCHANGE program! 

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Finance Major, Rhiannon, with her classmate Allison from NYC, explores how to create a Customer Persona.

Finance Major, Rhiannon, with her classmate Allison from NYC, explores how to create a Customer Persona.

Matt and Jessica from Mexico at cultural night in Rome.

Matt and Jessica from Mexico at cultural night in Rome.

Anupam learns about Design Thinking from our visiting Turkish professor, Engin.

Anupam learns about Design Thinking from our visiting Turkish professor, Engin.

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  • Award-winning programming:  NASPA Winner.  Powerful combination of rigorous classes, cross-cultural participants, leadership & entrepreneurship training.  We are lauded by leadership experts and featured in literature.

  • Award-winning faculty:  Anthony Middlebrooks, Teacher of the Year University of Delaware, Christopher Gergen co-author of Life Entrepreneurs & Aspen Fellow.  

  • BIG advantage.  Our students:

    • Win awards, including Dalai Lama Fellows, Soros Fellows, Google Demo Day Winners, Gates Cambridge Fellows, Rotary Fellows.  Check out our Alumni Spotlights.

    • Start businesses, raise millions and change communities.  These include Founders and Co-Founders of Mati Tea, HQ Raleigh, Domi Ventures, One Woman Project.  Check out our Alumni Spotlights.

    • Launch into future leadership roles on their university campuses.

    • Build their resume with this unique experience.  It enhances any major and any minor.

  • We offer:

    • 2, 4 or 6 week programs in Prague, Rome, Raleigh

    • Programs that complement students' existing programs and curriculum on home campus

    • An experience like no other: students from 80+ countries attend our programs

    • A proven record of building change agents.


Due to the high caliber of Australian students, Leadership exCHANGE is pleased to offer

Priority Status for Australian students during the application process.

Read below for Scholarship Information.

OS-Help Loan

Students have the option to apply for an Overseas Help (OS-HELP) Loan, a Commonwealth Government initiative to assist students in their overseas study endeavors. The amount borrowed (up to $6250) will be added to your FEE-HELP Loan and must be repaid. For more information about OS-HELP please read the OS-HELP guidelines available from your university.

Questions? See your specific university for more information and click here for information from Australian Government.

*OS-Help Loan is only available to domestic students.

Mobility Scholarship

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are all eligible to apply for travel grants. These can contribute in part to the cost of your international study. In the past, Leadership exCHANGE GLP students have been successful in obtaining this scholarship (up to $2000).

Materials possibly needed for your online application:

  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Proof of GPA and enrollment
  • Any additional references.  
  • A copy of your acceptance packet from Leadership exCHANGE GLP.

Questions? See your specific university for more information.  

*Mobility scholarships are open to both domestic and

international students.

Applying for Academic Credit:

In the past, students have picked up a Credit for Previous Studies AFTER the completion of the program.

You will need to fill out this document, attach your official Leadership exCHANGE transcript and any letters from university staff offering you academic credit to submit.

*We suggest meeting with your program advisor BEFORE applying for the Leadership exCHANGE program to ensure that you will be able to receive credit.


Friends, a few months ago I went on a life-changing, world-affirming, magical study-abroad program in Prague, known as the Global Leadership Program. I know I exaggerate A LOT, but this experience literally (not even figuratively) altered the entire course of my life, it inspired me to begin my own project tackling gender inequality, and allowed me to make contacts with fantastic people across the world. And I think it’s an opportunity you should all get involved in.
— Maddy Pillans, Australia
I’ve finally found the confidence to start my homelessness program in Sydney and it’s thanks to this Social Entrepreneurship Course!
— Anastasia Hadjidemetri, Australia
Never before have I been exposed to such first-class teaching and first-class people. Every conversation I had over the month, whether it was with one of the teachers or with one of the other students, proved to be stimulating and thought-provoking. I now have so much more insight into other cultures, other realms of politics and even a greater understanding of myself. Studying abroad with GLP has inspired me to go on and do something great for the greater good, and I now have no doubt that I can achieve it. In a world so gloomy, with so many troubles it often seems as though there is no hope or chance of changing the world for the better. However, spending a month around such motivated and gifted, like-minded people proved that there is an abundance of hope, you just need to look in the right places and have a little faith.”
— Zachary Whale, Australia

Please note that this information is based on past students experiences and all information is subject to change.  

We have tried our best to ensure correct, up-to-date information has been provided, and we hope that the above will assist you in seeking funding and/or credit from your university. 

If you have specific questions about any of the above processes please contact

Founder Heather McDougall: