168 hours are gone

One week is over.

Though some of us measure the distance in miles, while others in kilometers -- or for some us the temeprature outside is 81°F, and others it is 27°C -- the time is probably the only quantity that we measure all the same.

And as we know, time is super fast. Last week, we were complete strangers. But no more. Only a week has passed and I feel as if we are more than a random bunch of people.


It turned out to be the very best group of people I could possibly ask for when heading to America.


Let’s see who these amazing people are.

Yessica: The Mexican girl with a firm handshake who dreams about bringing light in the places full of darkness through emotions we all feel. The girl with passion for jewelery and surprises. The person you can easily share your story with, a passionate and supportive listener, and the lover of Italy.

Serg: The Mexican guy who is always fun to hang around. Always in a good mood, ready to share his deepest stories, passionate AISEC member. The boy who likes to joke around and the one who is really passionate when speaking. The guy who wants to innovate consulting.

Rhiannon: Originally Malaysian with British, Welsh and French roots, living in Australia where she loves to explore new cultures. Independent, strong and nice. Always smilling with the intention to reinvent the Australian market which is close to her heart.

Photo Jul 04-2.jpeg

Allison: A phenomenal synchronized swimming teacher who you can ask for anything and she will help you. A pure New Yorker with roots in Hong Kong. A curious person with passion for dancing and culture - and also a super fast book reader. The one who wants to dig in and innovate cultural perspective in her community.

Chris: The New Yorker with his roots in Ecuador. A strong and tall guy who can easily switch between English and Spanish. Gym and music addict, New York Yankees fan, and the boy good with numbers. The guy who wants to connect the wisdom with ideas.

Kenny: The silent force from Bronx. He doesn’t speak a lot, but when he does - it has an impact. The boy who can hear the beats, a phenomenal dancer, and the best performer. The boy whose dedication to help youngesters in his community is admirable.

Jamie: The lacrosse lover from Rhode Island who brings her stick anywhere she goes. The used-to-be soccer player. Sport addict and gluten-free pancake lover. The person who you can ask anything, and she just knows the answer. The one who wants to innovate and heal the world we all live in.

Josh: The tallest Australian I have ever seen which is not that hard to be because I haven’t seen many Australians before this week. A passionate coffee drinker who always has something to say, an innovative mind, proud father of one, and a badass over statistics and econometrics.

Sarah: The anime lover from Beijing, living in Australia. An amazing sketcher who is determined to wrestle with poverty and disease. The girl who challenges herself and develops herself as much as she can. Passionate about children and health issues. Our little eccentric.

Katie: The girl from Charlotte, NC who is the person we all ask when in trouble or wondering. The morning person who needs her cup of coffee and a nice breakfast in order to have a good morning. The yoga master-to-be, professional enthusiastic cheer initiator, and the kind hearted girl who you really want to meet one day.

Ryan: Our partner in crime who make this happens every day. A facilitator and ideas promoter. A passionate person always wondering, asking a lot of helpful questions, and the one in charge. Vegetarian, traveller, and speed-driving enthusiast. Urban farming ambassador.

Photo Jul 04-6.jpeg

And then we have me and here is a description Allison wrote about me:

Tomas: Hailing from Prague, Tomas brings a well-balanced maturity to the group dynamic. He frequently shares stories about Prague and is constantly contributing to discussions. His grandiose vision to be a change agent for Prague is both admirable and inspiring.

Through our first week we bonded to a perfect pack where we feel safe and secure to share our world-changing ideas that we have long pursued. Ideas that we are continually developing so they form a shape and direction - with the help and influence of all of our mentors and inspiring people we have met.

Cannot wait for what the next three weeks will bring, guys. We rock!



Tomas is a passionate traveller and enthusiastic blogger of jsemtomas.com currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.