My Experience with North Carolina, Nicole Ehrenbergerová

Coming to the US is a huge deal for most Czechs or Europeans. It is far, it is unknown and it is a little scary. I was a little scared myself, asking questions like „Will I make friends?”, „What about my english?”, „What about their english?”. Coming on the plane was a test of my nerve system, but I already know that it is such a great experience to feel like that. Curios about what is ahead, but knowing, it’s going to be something amazing.

After I arrived, all of my fears disappeared. I made friends immediately, my english was fine, and to my surprise I could understand well, too. The adventure began. We met our great hosts Elizabeth & Dan, took tours of the lovely city of Raleigh and started coming to HQ Raleigh, one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been to.


The first week ran by so fast and we started getting used to the rhythm. That is when I started noticing things and habits I am not used to in Europe. „Bless you” is always coming your way, stop sings are awaiting on every corner, and people can actually turn right when the red light is on!


And about the second, third and fourth week? We have learnt so much about starting our ventures, gotten motivation and inspiration from various speakers, companies and places and helped HQ Raleigh start ups through interning for them. My internship was with Pitch & Primer, an aspiring retail shop making shopping fun and enjoyable experience for guys with cool brands to shop and craft beer to drink. We’ve rebuilt the webpage, shot editorial pictures, started a blog and boosted social media. Oh, and not to forget, had a great time doing that!


We only have three days left now, and we don’t feel ready to leave. The experience outgrew my expectations and the people I`ve met will be terribly missed. I hope to welcome everyone in Prague or come back to Raleigh soon.  Nicole Ehrenbergerová