Leadership ExChange

New Year = New Friends

Starting off the new year in Raleigh was one of the best starts of any new year in my life. I would have never known about this opportunity if it weren’t for the Sullivan Foundation. I learned about social entrepreneurship through their spring retreat and they have been fueling my learning experience. This experience is an outcome of The Sullivan Foundation, which I thank them for! Throughout the program, the group has become incredibly close, we all have a new bond from Leadership ExChange. Let me introduce you to my friends:


Nicole is a fashionista from Prague, Czech Republic. She has a popular Youtube channel with her sister called A Cup of Style. She just recently hit 100,000 subscribers so you can say she’s pretty impressive. She’s constantly filming and we have all become pretty accustomed to being on camera (I honestly feel a bit like a celebrity). Nicole is always the first one at breakfast with her beautiful cereal dish she always catches in video (I wish I could make my berries look that good in granola). She is always ready to try something new and doesn’t hesitate on taking the jump first. She’s not only a cool, famous, Youtube celebrity, she is one of the most humble, sweetest, and enthusiastic people I have met and I’m going to miss her dearly at the end of the journey.


Oh, Steven. He’s from Sydney, Australia and he wins the award for being the sassiest Australian I ever have met. But really, Steve is one of the most genuine guys I have ever met and he’s so much fun to kid around with. He’s an undercover cook, a financial genius, and a psychology enthusiast. Steve is always ready to cheer someone up if they feel pressured or exhausted. If you ever want to meet a stand up guy, hit Steve up and you’re sure to have a good time. He knows how to have fun, but can switch to being serious in one second. He and I are at a war to see who can make the better joke (smelly). I’m gonna miss you when you get back to Australia!



Gabriela is a travel enthusiast from Monterrey, Mexico. She loves to talk about her time in Tazmania and swap travel stories with others. She has a lot of passion for her travels and for helping people. Her passion shows and inspires me to get more involved in social causes. Gabriela can make some mean Mexican dishes as well. Hot sauce? It goes on everything! Her talks about her culture are interesting to everyone in the program. Gabriela is a total rockstar and I’m going to miss her when she returns to Mexico.




Well, I’m the only American in the program and I can honestly say I looked at my own culture with a new set of eyes. Apparently, all the food is too sweet, huge servings and sweet tea is not popular with anyone outside of the Southern U.S. I was the guide in whether or not something is normal and the number one go to for food suggestions. I showed them the deliciousness of Bojangles french fries, Cookout’s milkshakes, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. These guys have been so much fun and I could not have asked for any better housemates, classmates, and friends!

Until next time…. Nashledanou, Adios, See ya later mate, Goodbye!  Thanks again, Sullivan Foundation, for making my dream a reality!