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Join female university students from around the world for this 2-week program that explores women as leaders and innovators.

Students learn about the key theories, current trends, and the most effective techniques for creating and implementing your vision.  Interactive activities and communication exercises complement course material. The program seeks to inspire the participants to utilize their new skills in order to make meaningful contributions to their society.

Due to housing restrictions, this program is only open to female students. 


F2719: Women and Leadership

This course is taught in English and fully accredited. Transcripts are issued by Charles University, the oldest university in Eastern Europe.  Most students are able to transfer credit from the program as long as arrangements are made in advance with their home university. Please consult your home university prior to attending the program for specific details on transferring credit. 

The course has 45 contact hours and is worth 3 US semester credits or 6 ECTS (European system) credits.



Learn to analyze the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of women in leadership positions. You'll examine cultural issues and trends from historical, sociological, political, and ethical perspectives.

  • Why does women’s leadership matter?
  • Do women have an identifiably different way of leading?
  • What structural/institutional/cultural obstacles do women face? 
  • How have women confronted/challenged/altered these obstacles?
  • How are how issues relating to women and leadership similar and/or different across cultures?

All courses are upper-division, are taught in English and are fully accredited. Transcripts are issued by Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in Eastern Europe.


Cultural Activities and Guest Speakers

Explore the Czech culture -- past and present.   

Course material is supplemented by guest speakers and afternoon visits to the cultural sites of Prague, such as:

  • Museum of Communism
  • Radio Free Europe
  • Terezin, former concentration camp
  • The beautiful Czech countryside, and 
  • The renowned Czech cinema.

Skveělý! (Awesome!)

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Housing, Meals & Transportation

Sure, you're in a double-occupancy dorm room, but that's just double the fun.  Rooms share a bathroom and refrigerator with one other room.  The dorm building has a lounge, kitchen, and a beautiful courtyard.  And did we forget - it's right in the city center! 

We provide meals on the two retreats.  For your remaining meals, you are free to cook in or eat out with friends!  

Prague has an excellent, inexpensive and reliable public transportation system. Students take a 15-minute ride to Charles University.  You can also walk to class easily.  

Check out the scenery!

Krásné! (Magnificent!)

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Program Options

Add to your experience and take advantage of attending multiple programs in multiple locations.  In addition, when you pair a 4-week with a 2-week program, you earn a significant portion of the credits needed for the Sullivan Social Entrepreneurship Certificate. 



Study in a beautiful city and get credit?  YES! 

What does this include?  2450USD Tuition (3 US/6 ECTS credits), housing, field trips and cultural activities.

Reserve your space: Lots of people want to come:  a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot in program.

Can't pay at once?  We gotcha.  Payment plans can be arranged.

Travel to the program is not included, but you can book plane tickets through STA Travel, the world’s largest student travel company.



$$$  We get it.  Sometimes you need a little help, that's why we offer limited number of scholarships.  Not full scholarships; but partial scholarships.

Scholarships are primarily reserved from students from Eastern Europe and developing countries, but it never hurts to ask (it's in the application).

Check with your school, too.  

Study abroad, student activities, honors and/or financial aid office.  Lots of our students find money at their universities.  We will even give you a letter to help you out.