Rome, Italy

July 2 -30, 2016



learn how to lead and innovate effectively

in our cross-cultural world.  


Cross-Cultural Leadership and Innovation: Lead in today's world dynamically.  Understand the relationship between culture, globalization, innovation, and leadership.

Hands On:  You learn through experiential projects and behavioral tests that assess your global leadership progress.  Can you innovate?

Comparative Study of Peace, Conflict & Religion: How does religion both create and resolve conflict?  

Assess and analyze these critically important questions in an objective manner and in a safe environment.

We are free of both proselytizing and a presumptive cynicism about religious faith.

Social Entrepreneurship:  Who is changing the world quickly -- merging impact and enterprise? 

Learn about and meet social entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries who are solving world problems creatively. 

How in the world do you make change? Learn about how change happens. 

Then learn the skills, strategies, and ideas of effective social change advocates who are making it happen.


Cultural Activities & Guest Speakers

As a vibrant city, Rome is the perfect location to explore culture and history!  See the following historical sites

  • Vatican
  • Colloseum
  • St. Peter's Bascilia

And many, many other things you can explore on your own. 



Housing, Meals & Transportation

Sure, you're in a triple-occupancy dorm room, but that's just triple the fun.  Cook in your kitchen or eat out.

You're living in the CENTER of ROME - just 15 minutes from the Vatican.  You can walk to class.

Explore by bus, tram, metro and your feet!  (Who knows you might even want to skip -- because you'll be in the CENTER of ROME.  





Study in a beautiful city and get credit?  YES! 

Price of the program is USD $5,250 and includes tuition (6 US/12 ECTS credits), housing, field trips and cultural activities.

Reserve your space: Lots of people want to come:  a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot in program.

Can't pay at once?  We gotcha.  Payment plans can be arranged.

Travel to the program is not included, but you can book plane tickets through STA Travel, the world’s largest student travel company.



$$$  We get it.  Sometimes you need a little help, that's why we offer limited number of scholarships.  Not full scholarships; but partial scholarships.

Scholarships are primarily reserved from students from Eastern Europe and developing countries, but it never hurts to ask (it's in the application).

Check with your school, too.  

Study abroad, student activities, honors and/or financial aid office.  Lots of our students find money at their universities.  We will even give you a letter to help you out. 

You'll have more than 36 hours to explore, but here's a taste.  

Don't get lost in video land ... APPLY BELOW!